Cycle North Carolina Fall Ride – Part IV – Enough Already!

I can’t speak for my readers (both of you), but even I am getting bored with this CNC Fall Ride recap. Suffice it to say we finished on Saturday in the Outer Banks town of Corolla. To say we were happy to be off the bikes would be to dabble in reckless understatement. We were tired and sore but thrilled with the accomplishment and could not wait for our first night in a real bed in over a week.

That night we stayed in near-by Elizabeth City and had a wonderful meal with Fran and Nita at a locally-owned place named Montero’s which was recommended by the staff at our hotel. This meal was worth cycling 500+ miles for. With apologies to the great chefs of Charleston, I had the best shrimp & grits I have ever tasted. Everyone’s meal was fantastic and we shared a great bottle of Malbec. Tired, happy, full and looking forward to a great night’s sleep, we waddled out of the restaurant and back to the hotel around 8pm.

On Sunday we headed back to Raleigh and our week was over. It was an incredible experience – one we’ll talk about for a long time. We can’t thank Fran enough for his time and patience. I’m not sure this is exactly how he envisioned spending his retirement (tent camping and carting our cycling stuff around), but he was up to the challenge and seemed to genuinely enjoy himself. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with both he and Nita. Melissa and I pedaled 503 miles together and shared a small tent for seven nights. I am happy to say we are still on speaking terms! It was a wonderful adventure and now, as we turn our attention to training for Ironman France next June, we’ll look forward to the next one. Because that’s what we do and that’s what we love about our life together.

One thought on “Cycle North Carolina Fall Ride – Part IV – Enough Already!

  1. Great synopsis of your adventure. Biking across the state must have been a terrific way to experience the small things you might otherwise miss in a car. Jess and I commented throughout the week on your fortunate weather. We might have to join you guys next year, or at least put together a weekend bike trip down to Raven Rock State Park.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Melissa on Saturday.


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