T-minus 5 days, 11 hours until Iron Man Cozumel!

The countdown to Iron Man Cozumel is down to five days, eleven hours as of this post! Between work and sleep these next two days we’ll be breaking down and packing bikes, checking and re-checking packing lists, performing inventory on our race gear, calculating nutrition needs and then packing gels/bars and other miscellaneous goodies accordingly, not to mention dusting off the old passports. After two solid years of training, it all comes down to this.

Anyone who wishes to check in on our progress can do so by clicking on the Facebook/FreeHouba Tri Club page and then clicking on “like”. Our coach, Martin, will be posting photos and updates throughout the day.

Thanks to all of our friends, family and triathlon brothers and sisters for your support and encouragement throughout this process! We’ll post more from Mexico…

Oh, and Go Cocks – Beat Clemson!

Whip those Tigers like a rented mule!

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