Kona, Gamecocks’ Big Win, etc…

The Iron Man World Championships took place this past weekend in Kona, Hawaii. The participants in this event truly represent the greatest athletes the endurance sports world has to offer. I was awe-struck reading the event recap – specifically by how men’s winner  Chris McCormack completed the initial stages of the marathon at a blistering sub-six minute pace! This is, mind you, after completing the 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike portions of the event. To put that into perspective, the slowest sub-six minute pace (5:59/mile) would result in a 2:36 marathon finish. The world record marathon finish is 2:03:59 set by Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia in the 2008 Berlin Marathon. We’re talking about a paltry margin of 32 minutes over the course of 26.2 miles – and I can promise you Mr. Gebrselassie never even remotely considered donning a wetsuit or mounting a bike before his marathon. By contrast, my PR for the 26.2 mile distance is 4:20:17, which equates to a 9:55/mile pace – meaning that the elite marathoners could run their marathon, drink a beer, have lunch, enjoy a 60 minute massage, and be considerably well on their way home before I stumble, bug-eyed and gasping across the finish line – on my best day! Endurance sports are nothing if not humbling.


I would be remiss if I did not mention the incredibly awesome win by my GAMECOCKS over then #1 and winner of 29 consecutive games, Alabama Crimson Tide this past Saturday. The Cocks vaulted into the top ten as a result of the biggest win in program history and the rest of the schedule seems encouraging with the next three games vs. traditional SEC doormats Kentucky and Vanderbilt, followed by a struggling Tennessee squad. However, SEC doormats are not like other doormats and Carolina will have to be at their best to keep on track for their first-ever visit to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.

This weekend, Melissa & I, Dad & Joan and Celeste & Dwayne will make the trip up to Lexington for the game. I’ve even coaxed Melissa – a Wisconsin native and Southern College Football novice – into donning the Garnet & Black for the game. Updates to follow.

Go Cocks!


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